Sunday, July 13, 2014

Reviving the Blog - Megan's Medical Fund Fundraiser

It's been a long time since I've posted an update. Life gets busy and so many things have changed in my life in the past two year. But it's time to bring it back. In the past, this community of friends and family have come together to raise money for an amazing cause. I'm hoping we can do that again. This time my request is very personal.

In February, my 12-year old niece, Megan, was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL Leukemia. On June 30, Megan underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant at the University of Minnesota Medical Center - a procedure that can cost more than $1 million. Fortunately, Megan is insured, but there are many expenses that are not covered by insurance. These expenses include living away from home (she lives in Des Moines, Iowa), for three to six months. During this time, my sister, Linda (Megan's mom), will be on leave from work to be able to be with Megan in the hospital.

In addition to the expenses related to the transplant, Linda's house will need some work done before Megan is released from the hospital. The bone marrow transplant compromised Megan's immune system, so the house needs renovations that will make it a safe place for Megan to come home to and continue her recovery. You can read more about Megan on her Caring Bridge site:

Every donation will go toward helping Megan and her family with her journey back to health. To give, visit the Megan Ford's Medical Fund fundraiser at Give Forward.

Megan's friends and family have generously donated some handmade thank you gifts - we have items that are knitted, woven, quilted, leatherwork, sewn and more. We'll be randomly picking names from our donor list so we can share some of the love that we've been feeling.

For my knitter friends, I'll be including some of my handspun yarn as thank you gifts. Since not everyone has a use for yarn, we'll be doing a separate drawing for the knitters/yarn lovers who donate. After you donate, send me an email at to let me know that you're a knitter. In addition, I'm donating all of the profits from the sales of my pattern the Allis Shawl to Megan's Fund. You can purchase it on Ravelry.

Thank you in advance for your donations - my family appreciates your support. If you have any questions regarding the fundraiser, please send an email to