2012 Make-A-Wish Fundraiser FAQs


What are you doing?
For the 3rd year, I'm teaming up with my little sis Mary and my friend Tali to form Cupcake Mafia to race in the Denver Oyster. It's an urban adventure race that has Amazing Race style challenges. We won't know that they are until right before we have to do them. We had a blast last year and can't wait for race day!

Who are you raising money for?
All of the money we raise goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado. Their mission is grant the wishes of Colorado children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Each wish costs an average of $5,000.

Why are you raising money?
The first year, we started raising money because we had to raise at least $100 to participate and we would benefit by earning extra clues to help us on our challenges. If we raised $300, we would get two clues. We decided to set the bar a little higher and try to raise $800 because we thought Make-A-Wish was a very deserving organization. When we hit that after only a couple of weeks, we were hooked and decided to see how much we could raise. We ended up raising more than $2,600. Thanks to our fundraising and the efforts of other Oyster teams, Make-A-Wish was able to grant three wishes.

We felt so good about what we did last year that even when they took away the fundraising requirement for participating, we couldn't imagine participating in the race without giving back. To us, it is the most important part of this race.

When is the race?
The race is on Saturday, Aug. 25.

When is the last day I can donate?
The online donation site will be turned off at noon MDT on Friday, Aug. 24.

When will you draw for the prizes?

I plan on doing the prize drawing the week of Aug. 26. I'll post the exact date as it gets closer.

Can I donate multiple times? Will my donations add up for the drawing?

Absolutely! I get a list of the names of donors and the amounts donated, so I can combine donations for the drawing entries.

How can I donate a prize for the drawing?
Send me an email at lynnazimmermanATmacDOTcom and let me know what you'd like to donate. I'll get the information posted on the blog ASAP.

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