Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Movin' on up

I brought home a surprise for the kitties this weekend and while it doesn't come close to matching the decor, it has been a big hit. Xena has made herself at home in the penthouse, but the downstairs neighbors have been a bit pesky. It's unfortunate she wasn't able to choose her neighbors.

Only 2 days until I leave for Ironman. I was finally able to get back in the pool today, so I was able to confirm that I can still swim. I won't be breaking any speed records in the water, but at this point I'm fine with surviving. Now, i just need to finish my laundry and figure out everything I need to take with me. So far, the weather report is 68 degrees for the high, partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain. Minus the rain, it sounds like a perfect day for a race. I'll be prepared for every type of weather, though. The weather in Madison can be a bit unpredictable in September. When I did the race in 2004, it was 75 degrees every day leading up to the race, and 95 degrees and sunny on race day. Last year, it was 40 degrees and raining. I'd prefer the 95 degrees. I'm a fair weather triathlete.

In fibery news, the mailman brought me this today.


It's superwash merino in the Summer Garden colorway from The Sweet Sheep Fiber Club. I love it. And it's the perfect color for a baby sweater for a baby girl. Good thing I know so many people having baby girls this winter.

I made progress over the weekend on my first baby surprise jacket, but unfortunately I ran out of yarn. So now I have to try to recreate this colorway so I can spin more up and finish the cutest baby sweater ever. Purl doesn't like me calling something other than her the cutest ever, so she tried to outcute it.


The next couple of weekends are going to be a bit busy, so it will be a while before I am able to find time to dye and spin the fiber. I need to dig through the stash to see what wants to be knitted into a baby sweater next. I might have to try some of the sock yarn from the State Fair dye day.

And as always...KITTENS!

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