Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm moving

Like I said in my last post. The last month has been a whirlwind. The week before Ironman, I was approached about a new job opportunity. I wasn't looking for a new job. I was actually quite happy with the one I had, aside from where it was located. But the more I heard about the new position...it's a growing company, the position is new, the department is led by someone I knew from a previous job and really admire...the more interested I became. And to top it all off, the job is in Denver.
I've always loved visiting Colorado, and always thought how lucky people who lived there were, but for some reason, I just never thought I would have an opportunity to live there. But here was my chance. So, four days after Ironman, I managed to get myself to Denver and spend a day interviewing for the job. The next week, they made their offer and I accepted. I'm going to be the director of corporate communications for this company. I'll be developing an employee communications program along with providing communications support for a change program they're working on. It is a fantastic opportunity for me and I can't wait to get started!
My last day at my job here was Friday, and I'm taking this week off to relax a bit and determine what I need to take with me. It all has to fit in the Xterra. On Saturday, the three kitties and I will set off on our 10 hour drive west (that's the part I'm really not looking forward to). We'll be living in temporary housing until the house here sells and I can buy something in Denver. Hopefully, that will all fall into place quickly.
So, I have had some productive knitting time the last couple of days. I finished the Tulips sweater.


And I'm determined to finish a pair of socks before I leave, but the sock will be put to the side once the supplies for a Harry Potter sweater arrive in the mail. My niece is going to be Hermione for Halloween, so she needs her house sweater. This will be my first try at a non-baby sweater, so we'll see what happens.

The kitties are not very excited about all of the move activity that has been taking place. Xena really doesn't appreciate being locked in a room with the kittens every time someone comes to look at the house. It is so beneath her. She would prefer staying in the cat cave. So much more dignified.


And Purl is still able to vamp for the camera even with her sister squishing her. Nothing can stop the cute.


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