Sunday, January 20, 2008

23 Days to Go

Not that I'm counting or anything. I hopefully will be moving into my new house on Feb. 12. This afternoon, Mary, Phil and I went to take a look at the progress that is being made. There's still a lot to do, especially on the outside (they have wrapped it in plastic to keep it warm enough for them to finish the stucco), but the inside is looking livable. They've installed the hardwood floors and the counter tops. Just a few more details, appliance installation, and some major cleanup left to do. I can't wait!

The front entry

The kitchen

Another view of the kitchen and the pantry (I'm not sure what the arrow is pointing out, but whatever it is, you can't miss it)

Master bedroom

Master Bath

Guest Bath

Laundry Room

1 comment:

Jenn said...

The house is starting to REALLY look fantastic! Did the kitties get to pick out hard wood floors? I'm sure they'll thoroughly enjoy them.
I miss you tons and will call soon...lots of boring stuff to catch up on!