Monday, April 7, 2008

My coworkers are funny

I had a meeting this morning, which gave my coworkers plenty of time to desecrate my Jayhawk bobblehead doll.

Jayhawk traitor

I'll admit that it's pretty funny and that I'm impressed with their bobblehead doll clothes making skills, but it's just very very wrong.

Since my last post, lots has been going on in my crazy world of fiber. I got my Loopy Ewe Spring Fling Swap package from my awesome swap partner, Julie. She definitely spoiled me with a gorgeous skein of Tempted sock yarn, a couple of Interweave Knits magazines, a cute sock bag and a ladybug tape measure that the kittens immediately decided to hijack.


The yarn will make a very fun pair of spring socks. I'm looking for the perfect pattern.

I also started my spinning class at Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins in Boulder Thursday night. It is a bit of a drive for a weekly class, but I think it's going to be worth it. In our first class we learned how to pick out a fleece, wash it, prepare it for spinning and how to use a drop spindle. It was so much fun! I came home from the class with an eighth of a fleece to wash before our next class. As soon as I walked in the door with the fleece, the kitties noses went into overdrive. The fleece had to be hidden away for safety.

Look at the crazy eyes on that kitten.


Then, Friday night, the Yarn Harlot came to Denver for a book signing. I convinced my knitting coworker to go with me, and we had a wonderful time. I've enjoyed reading her blog for a long time, and she's just as funny in person. I think the bookstore was a bit overwhelmed by the 200+ knitters who came out for the event.

And finally, I finished the Koolhaas hat last night. Just in time for spring. I used the softest yarn in the world, Malabrigo, in the Paris Nights colorway. I love this pattern. I guess I'll have something to look forward to wearing next winter.


Tonight, I'll be watching the Jayhawks win (hopefully) the NCAA basketball tournament. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


Pixie said...

Ah, there's still winter weather left this season -- I bet you wear this hat tomorrow!

Jennifer said...

Your OK friends would NEVER do that to your poor Jayhawk!!! Well...maybe that's not totally true, if they were playing OSU ...anyways. I love the hat! You are getting so good! Kiss a cat for me!