Sunday, January 20, 2008

23 Days to Go

Not that I'm counting or anything. I hopefully will be moving into my new house on Feb. 12. This afternoon, Mary, Phil and I went to take a look at the progress that is being made. There's still a lot to do, especially on the outside (they have wrapped it in plastic to keep it warm enough for them to finish the stucco), but the inside is looking livable. They've installed the hardwood floors and the counter tops. Just a few more details, appliance installation, and some major cleanup left to do. I can't wait!

The front entry

The kitchen

Another view of the kitchen and the pantry (I'm not sure what the arrow is pointing out, but whatever it is, you can't miss it)

Master bedroom

Master Bath

Guest Bath

Laundry Room

Monday, January 14, 2008

Portraits of a Sleeping Kitten

When you're Purl, being cute is a given.


Even when you're fast asleep.


However, if you ask Purl, being cute can be a curse.


The flash on the cameras constantly capturing your cuteness keeps interrupting your nap time.


Life is tough for the cute.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sticks and Stitches

Last night, Mary, Phil, Gina and I went to the Colorado Avalanches game for some good hockey and knitting. It was fun to sit in a section for knitters and see the reaction of the non-knitters (and unaware it was Sticks and Stitches night) when they saw all of the people knitting around them.


And, the Avs won with an exciting overtime goal.


In kitty news, Ashford has decided that Xena is her favorite person/cat in the house. Xena hasn't quite decided what she thinks of her new found position as favorite, but it's pretty funny to watch them sort thing out. It usually starts with Xena peacefully sleeping and Ashford decides to snuggle up with her as close as she can get. Ashford looks happy and content, Xena looks like I just told her there was a kitty treat shortage.


I also finished a quick and easy knitting project. I visited another yarn shop yesterday and found some beautiful yarn just screaming to be a hat. I haven't had much luck with hats, but I used a hat that Mary has as a guide, and ended up with a finished product I can actually wear out of the house.


Please excuse the bad self portrait and clashing purple shirt. Just focus on the hat.

I also started a pair of no purl Monkey socks in Tempted Yarns Twilight colorway. I absolutely love Stacy's yarns. They're going to be beautiful!