Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today I found out that a skein of my handspun has been selected as a finalist in the "I made it on my Schacht" contest. Schacht is the company that made my spinning wheel. They're celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and have done several special promotions. The first is the contest. Here's my entry:

It's hand-dyed superwash merino from AllSpunUp. I'll find out in October if I've won. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The other special promotion is that they are making a special edition Cherry spinning wheel, which is one of the contest prizes. Not anticipating that I would be a finalist, I *may* have already purchased one. I guess I'd rather have two than none. The wheel is gorgeous (sorry for the horrible photo - I need to take it outside for a photo shoot to capture it in all of it's glory). It arrived last weekend. It's been a good week!


Over the Labor Day weekend, my cousin Darren and his wife Ceci made their first visit to Colorado. We had a wonderful weekend! We spent some time in the mountains and hit Copper, Breckenridge and Keystone Mountains all in the same day.

We took the ski lift to the top of Copper...


and hiked in the boulder field with the Marmots.


Riding the Alpine Slide at Breck (zoom, zoom - I think I missed my calling with the Luge. I love speeding down the mountain!)

Fondue at Keystone - they even had a polka band (we may have gorged ourselves and then did the chicken dance)

We came down the mountain and spent a day in Boulder and then the next day Darren, Ceci and I went to the Rockies game where we saw the Rockies hit 5 or 6 home runs and one player from the Diamondback hit 3 home runs. It was a great game and a beautiful day!


After the game, we met up with Mary and Phil at Rio for a margarita and then dinner at Steuben's.


To end the night, we stopped by Hamburger Mary's and sat outside on their fabulous patio.


We decided to take their last day in town easy and stayed close to home. We made a fabulous dinner to end an awesome weekend.


Purl was exhausted from all of the entertaining.


A :-) said...

So excited for you about your yarn - as I said on Rav, I think you're going to win!!!

Your photos are making me think of Denver and the years I spent there :-)

Kate said...

Way to go roomie!!! I'm cheering you on to win.

Jennifer said...

What's the latest on your contest? I didn't see any new information! I"m giddy with anticipation!

Allison said...

Did you find out if you won yet?! Do tell.