Sunday, July 8, 2007


They're still not best friends, but there's more balance to the kitty harmony in my house today. I captured this moment and it involved very little hissing and swearing, with no signs of an impending smackdown. I see that as progress.

One Big Happy Family

Another sign of progress this weekend was that I am actually going to be able to spin without too many kitty interuptions.

I said, not too many interruptions. I did have to pay attention to make sure I didn't crush a little kitten paw. The spinning wheel is fascinating.

In honor of the Tour de France, I'm participating in the Tour de Fleece, a challenge to spin every day while watching the Tour.

So, I spun this:

It's superwash merino handpainted by Perchance to Knit. Merino is so soft and fun to spin. The finished product is hanging on the drying rack right now. I'll post a photo once I've skeined it. I also attempted to teach myself how to Navajo ply. It's a really cool technique, but I need a lot of work before I release it on my good wool. It gets really overtwisted. Maybe I'll make that one of my challenging mountain days.

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