Monday, July 2, 2007

Spinning, Kittens and Floods, oh my!

It's been quite the weekend a Chez Zimmerman.

First, it's about time to build an Ark. You might remember last year at this time that Oklahoma was on fire due to several years of drought conditions. Well, this year fire is not such a big concern. But the flood waters are. A good portion of Bartlesville is under water, including most of the roads that lead from my house to civilization. I can still get to work (the office is closed today due to the floods), but if I try to go to Tulsa, the mall or even the grocery store, there is currently a slight chance I might not make it home. The water is supposed to crest this afternoon, and more rain is predicted tonight. It could get interesting. Here's a photo of a road that is about 3 blocks from my house. I live on a hill, so I'm not so worried about it making it to my house, but I would like to be able to leave my neighborhood at some point.

As far as the ark goes, I'm doing my part to populate it with kitties. On Thursday, I adopted two absolutely adorable kittens. They are 8-week old sisters, a calico and a tortiseshell, I've named Purl and Ashford. They were named after two of my favorite hobbies, knitting (the purl stitch) and spinning (the brand of my spinning wheel). Meet the kitties:

This is a rare instance when they are sitting still. I had forgotten how hard it is to take photos of kittens.

Xena is not so happy about the kittens moving in. They haven't officially met yet since the kittens are living in my bathroom as step one of the introduction process, but she knows something is up. As she walks by the bathroom on her way to my bedroom, she likes to stop at the door and hiss at it. I'm a little concerned about the face-to-face meeting.

Xena sits in the cat cave to express her displeasure.

They look like kittens, but I'm concerned Purl might be part puppy. She's quite good at fetch.

Finally, this is the last weekend the kittens will be contained. I realized that once they're free to roam the house anything to do with fiber/yarn will be much more difficult, since I'll probably have several paws helping me with it. So, I spent the weekend working on my spinning skills. I received my first fiber club delivery last week from Spunky Eclectic. Absolutely beautiful stuff. It's Blue Faced soft and it has a beautiful sheen. This is how it looked before spinning.

I'm actually really happy with how it turned out. I still need a lot of work on being able to maintain a consistant size and tension, but it still looks cool.

Xena liked the fiber too.

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