Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spinning in Color

I've finally felt brave enough to put aside the practice wool, and see what happens with some of the fancy stuff I've acquired over the last couple of weeks. And to add to the pressure of ruining something absolutely beautiful, it is wool that was picked out by my niece, who thought it was beautiful as it was. No pressure there.
It is a beautiful roving. It's a multicolor blend of wool and silk with an occasional sparkle worked in to the mix. When you spin it you get a fantastic random pattern. It's going to be gorgeous when I'm done with it and I can't wait to see it plyed. As I've spun it, I've figured out that the blue is mostly silk. If you've ever worn anything made of silk, you know that silk is very slippery. Same thing when it's unspun. My biggest challenge is keeping the yellow, green and red segments up with the blue. I think that if I wasn't careful, I could easily have spun the entire blue section before the rest of the roving. Fortunately, I realized what was happening relatively quickly, so I was able to work in the other colors. So, when you see the final product, just ignore the big blue section at one end of the skein.
So, here's how it starts out:

And here's the semi-finished product:

I'm not able to get a very good photo of the spun wool on the spool. I can't tell if it's the lighting, the shininess of the yarn, or the photographer. I'll keep trying.

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