Monday, November 5, 2007


Hooray! I got an offer on the house in Oklahoma last week, so things are moving along nicely. I'm still waiting on the inspections to be completed, but I'm being optimistic that there won't be too many issues and the sale will close with no issues. So that means I needed to find a place to live.
My goal was to find a place to move into shortly after the closing of the OK so we could simply move my things from one house into the other. I spent a couple of days last week with my wonderful realtor, Carol, who showed me many houses that would have been great places to live. Thursday night, I was certain that the first place we looked at was going to be my new home, but then we went to a new development of the cutest brownstone-style townhouses. So perfect. There were three options. Two were the model homes...they were beautifully decorated by professionals. The first one we looked at I swear was decorated just for me, but it was small. The second one was the perfect size, but the decor was so formal I would have had to change everything. the last option was still being built, and wouldn't be ready for when I really wanted to move in, but we decided to take a look. And it was just right. It was the same floorplan as the second one, but with an attached garage and a big extra storage space in the garage. AND the person who had picked out the interior features must have known I would be buying this house. It will have hardwood floors, cherry cabinets and granite countertops. So perfect. And to top it off, it's a short drive to work, and it's right next to the Cherry Creek Reservoir. I'll have a great place to run and bike right next to my house. It will probably mid-January (although I'm hoping it will be earlier), before I can move in and I can't wait.

A tour of the house...

The front door

front door

The living room and entryway

front entrance and living room

The kitchen and pantry

Kitchen and pantry

This is the dining room and doors to the balcony. I'll have a great mountain view from my balcony for a couple of months. The new townhouses they're building across the street will ruin that view, but I'll enjoy it while I can.

balcony doors

The garage - I could fit three cars in here if I had three cars. I'll probably use it for storage instead. Or maybe a place to dye yarn?


Here's the rest of the 'hood. They will eventually have brick on the front. Hopefully soon.

Front of townhome

The kitties are very excited to be moving into a new house. Purl decided to celebrate by learning how to knit while I was at work this afternoon. Unfortunately, she didn't really pick it up.

Bad Kitty 1


Jenn said...

Personally I like that the second front door doesn't have any stairs...that one must be for REALLY tall people.

Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

That sounds awesome, so happy everything is working out. Loops has requested 'Fiesta' as an exclusive!! Thought you should know. Send me an e-mail I need to give you a little update.