Thursday, November 15, 2007


The blog for the next month or two is mainly going to be about me obsessing about my house getting done. I stopped in earlier this week to see what progress had been made, and found that things looked very different.

One week ago:

front door

Two days ago:


The funny thing was that there are 6 units in my building, and mine was the only one with the brick. None of the others had even been started. I like to think that the builder is working extra hard to get my house done on time. I didn't take any photos of the inside because the workers were there, but they had been some serious progress there too. The insulation and drywall was going up. Just keep thinking good weather thoughts for me so they can get it done quickly! The Bartlesville house is getting closer to closing. We just finished responding to the inspections, and we're set to close on Dec. 3. I'm excited to get that off of my plate.

I started knitting the Bellatrix socks using the skein of the Tempted Fiesta yarn that I helped create as the Tempted guest dyer. I love this pattern and it's really working well with the colors.

Bellatrix Socks

Stacy, the brains behind Tempted, let me know that Loops has requested Fiesta as an exclusive colorway. I'm so proud. I'm also so excited for Stacy and her big news. She's going to be a rock star in the knitting world.

It's supposed to be another beautiful weekend here in Denver, so I'm planning on getting out and about. I think the mountains are calling.

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Ali said...

Wow, I'm planning a huge construction project for my house and it's inspiring to see one almost done! I'm glad you like the blanket, thanks for your help!