Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The best seats in the house

It was an exciting day at Chez Zed (thanks to my Canadian friend Mark for the new household nickname!). After almost a month of attempting to unpack without a place to put a lot of my things, our new furniture was finally delivered. I say "our" because it clearly is not just for me to enjoy. The kitties have quickly picked out their favorite places to hang out.

Ashford is fond of the ottoman that came with the new faux leather chair.

And I don't think that Xena is ever going to come downstairs again. She has claimed the new bed with the fancy schmancy mattress as her own. She normally comes downstairs to hang out with me during the evening, but she has refused to move from the bed...even when I was trying to put the sheets on. I hope she'll share it with me tonight.


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