Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Denver Adventure

Yesterday Mary and I both had the day free, so we decided to do some exploring in downtown Denver. I took the light rail from the south side of town and Mary took the bus from Boulder and we met up at Union Station.

Our first stop was the Denver Capitol Hill People's Fair, which is an annual festival in Civic Center Park. There were a ton of booths to check out from arts and crafts vendors and community groups along with entertainment. We got there just as it was opening so it was easy to walk around and see everything.

We then walked down Broadway to find a craft shop Mary had seen before that was nearby. It was called Fancy Tiger, and it was a small shop, but they had a lovely selection of yarn and fabric and a variety of craft supplies. They have free DIY nights and it seems like it would be a fun place to spend an evening. During our walk back we stopped in a really cute pet supply shop. They had a kittens available for adoption and there were several who almost had to come home from me. My favorites were the five six-week old kittens that had just been weaned. They were so tiny and cute. I was smitten with a little calico who felt the need to hiss at her admirers. Absolutely adorable.

Our next stop was the La Piazza dell’Arte. It was being held in Larimer Square, which is an area that has a great mix of restaurants and shops. They also have a wonderful gelato shop. Even though we hadn't had lunch yet, we couldn't pass that by. I ordered the small scoop in a waffle cone which included a scoop of chocolate chocolate chip and a scoop of chocolate mint. Yum! I don't even want to know what the large looks like. I'm glad we were doing a lot of walking.

The festival was really neat. Businesses purchase a square on the street and then the artists create these incredible drawings using chalk and pastels. Some are originals and others are based on famous works of art. All were really impressive.




We left the festival and hopped on the light rail back to my part of town. We stopped by a knitting shop that is right down the street from my house called Knitty Cat. They were celebrating their 5 year anniversary with a sale. I picked up some Noro sock yarn and Collinette Jitterbug.



I guess Boulder is lacking in good fabric stores, so after we left Knitty Cat we went to the Great American Quilt Factory where Mary found a few fabrics for a quilt she's planning on making.

We finished off our day by picking up some Chinese food, trimmed the kitties claws (Mary will have scars to remember that by...Xena is not a fan of getting her claws trimmed) and then we went to see a movie.

In knitting news, I've made some progress on the handspun scarf.


And I've been spinning some merino/silk. It's going to be gorgeous, but so far I haven't really enjoyed spinning the fiber. I have a lot left to spin, so I hope it gets better.


Even though Purl got to stay at home yesterday, she still was exhausted.



Leslie said...

Man, you are awesome at spinning. I have no idea how you get it so even. And I'm drooling over all of the new fiber you added on Ravelry. Gorgeous!

Leslie (udontcallmeles)

Julie in Texas said...

Sounds like a fun day. Wish we had mass transit in our area! It makes me jealous to hear of all the fun you were able to have without even starting your car...

I hope Purl recovers from her day!