Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Windows are Open

Because the air conditioner doesn't seem to work. I broke down last night and decided that I needed to turn it on. It was on for about 5 hours and the temperature in my house went up about 5 degrees. Not the result I had hoped for. Sigh. The joys of a new home. Fortunately it's all under warranty and should be fixed in the next day or so. At least the kitties are enjoying the fresh air.


Let's focus on how cute Miss Ashford is as she looks out the window and not on the fact that she's violating one of the house rules and standing on the kitchen counter. She was protecting our house from the little dog that was wandering around in the alley behind the house so I let it slide. (See the flower to the right of her? That was laying on my dash when I got back into my car after getting my oil changed. The guys at the Grease Monkey near my house really take care of their customers!)

I finished spinning my the Perchance to Knit superwash merino wool. The colorway is Rainbow Black and it's about 950 yards of laceweight. I think this needs to become a scarf. There are a couple of projects that need to be finished before I start anything new though.


Much to Xena's chagrin, the lack of air conditioning doesn't keep Ashford from needing to snuggle.


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Julie in Texas said...

No a/c...ugh! I can't imagine. Even with my a/c it is 84 degrees in my bedroom. It doesn't help that we are having record high..morning lows. Does that even make since? It is 80-82 degrees at 5:00 a.m. when typically it is low 70's this time of the year.

Your Perchance yarn is gorgeous. Amazing what a wheel and a few classes under your belt will do...if only I was so talented.