Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vacation Week

Mary and I had decided to go shopping on Friday morning, but after looking through the newspaper ads, there wasn't anything that we just had to have except for the free Christmas ornament from World Market. So we woke up with enough time to get there so we could be one of the first 100 shoppers after they opened at 7 a.m. Surprisingly, there wasn't a huge rush at the door.

Christmas Monkey

I mean, who could pass up an opportunity to get a monkey holding a globe Christmas ornament? Apparently for some, cheap 50 inch plasma screen TVs are more appealing. Go figure. We spent the rest of the day shopping, hitting Michaels, Joann's and the mall and we bought very little. But we did have one goal: to buy the materials to make the box bags described in this tutorial. We hit the Great American Quilt company and found the perfect fabric.



There are a couple of things I'll do differently for the next one I make, but overall, I'm thrilled with how my first one turned out.

Aside from getting ready to host Thanksgiving dinner, I have spent my week of vacation being crafty. I finished the first of a pair of handspun socks.


This was yarn that was spun for me by a swap pal earlier this year. I love how the yarn has striped, and the sock is super soft and warm. I have already made it through half of the second sock.

I've also been enjoying the sunflowers that I bought as a centerpiece for my table at Thanksgiving.


The kitties have enjoyed them too. Ashford seems to enjoy their taste. To increase their longevity, they are safely locked away when I'm not at home to supervise.


And finally, I've been spinning this.


It's superwash merino from Crown Mountain Farms. It's eventually going to be a three-ply sock yarn.

It has been a great week. Tomorrow, it's back to reality.

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