Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mine, all mine!

I brought home a new toy yesterday.


Isn't it pretty? It's a Schacht Matchless and I had the opportunity to bring one home from my class to play with for the last week and I had to take it back yesterday. It just so happened that the shop had some that were just waiting to be taken to their new homes. This one wanted to come home with me.

I've been spinning all day today. This is the roving I chose for my first spin on the wheel.


It's some superwash merino from The Dyeing Arts that I picked up at The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling. It has two ounces of two different colorways that go well together. One is a rainbow, the other is blues, greens and purples. I'm trying to get sock yarn. So far, I think I'm close.

Yesterday was a big day. I also rode my bike up a mountain and I lived to tell about it. As far as mountains go, it wasn't a really steep one, but since I have never ridden my bike up a mountain before and my training this winter has consisted mainly of knitting, it was a good one to start with. We rode from north Boulder to Jamestown.

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Summer has finally made it to Colorado. I turned off the heat yesterday and opened up the window. The kitties were very happy, or crazy, it's hard to tell. Fresh air does strange things to the kitties.



Tammy/DarthKnitter said...

I'm so jealous! That's the wheel I want! :-)

Janice said...

Congratulations on both your wheel and surviving your bike ride! :-) You will LOVE your Schacht! (I have one just like it and love love love it!) Happy Spinning!

Clinton said...

So... did the kittehs have "Cat"bin fever? Sorry, couldn't help the pun.

Anonymous said...

hi, i cannot believe i just found your blog! i'm a triathlete and a fiber artist--a spinner and knitter like you!
in fact, i'm getting ready to open a little artisans' boutique in cincinnati and sell exotic fibers to spinners, along with my ready made garments and handspun yarns. my shop will have angora, buffalo, cashmere, wools, and all kinds of yummies.

anyway, i never thought i would ever find another triathlete woman who spun yarn too! that is just super duper. :)

and i see you did IMWI, which i trained for last year. what a small world! your friends look awesome, and it seems you're having way too much fun. love it! :)
look forward to reading more of your tails! btw, your new wheel is super hot! (i spin on a lendrum and love it.)

joanne gerwe from

Jennifer said...

Well of course your kitties are going crazy! All that yarn spinning, and they don't even get to eat some!! It'd be like watching the cotton candy machine and never getting to taste! Poor kitties.....and I'm glad to see that you're getting out and enjoying your Colorado! Sounds like a hard ride, but bet it felt good! Miss ya girl! Call me sometime! I still drive by the dirty dawg and make mean faces at it every time. :) Oops, that person might read this....:)

Jennifer said...

You and joanne should go in business together! two peas in a pod there! Or at least you should do a triathalon together--you'd have so much to talk about the whole way!