Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last Call!

Friday (8/26) at noon MDT is the deadline for making your donation to my fundraiser for Make A Wish of Colorado to receive the My Wish pattern and be eligible to win the amazing prizes. Your donations, which have topped $7,000 so far, will help make Laird and Jane's wishes come true.

If you live in the U.S., here's how to make a donation to Make-A-Wish of Colorado:

Click Here to visit the Denver Oyster donation site.
Select City: Denver
Select Team: Cupcake Mafia
Team Member: Lynn Zimmerman
Then, complete the rest of the form with your donation amount and contact information.
I will receive an email with your donation amount. With a $5 donation, you will receive the My Wish shawl pattern designed by Laura Linneman. I will email you the pattern and enter you in the drawing. For every $10 you donate, you will receive one entry in the prize drawing that will be held at the end of August.

If you live outside of the U.S., you can make your $5 donation for the My Wish pattern on Ravelry. If you would like to make a larger donation, please send me an email at LynnATlynnzimmDOTcom.

If the already amazing list of prizes hasn't convinced you to make a donation, here are a couple more.

My mom, who is the person who steered me down the crafty pathway, loves quilting as much as I love knitting, spinning and weaving. She donated this beautiful quilted table runner, which is a perfect accent for your summer table.

My teammate and little sister (and mom to Hazel!) has donated a handmade clutch like this one pictured below. She will work with the winner to select the perfect fabric from her stash and you can decide you'd like it to be a clutch or if you'd like her to add a strap to make it a wristlet.

For every $10 you donate, you'll win a chance to win one of these fantastic prizes.

Last week, I mentioned that there would be one more prize for those of you who had made donations of $30 or more. I'm posting this at the last minute and excuse the terrible iPhone photo, but one lucky person who has donated $30 or more will have a chance to win this skein of Wollmeise Lacegarn and skein of 100% SW Merino sock yarn. Both are We're Different colorways - the red is WD Vamp and WD Wasserratz.

Remember, for this prize, the 3 skeins of Wollmeise and the incredible handknit socks made by Leslie from The Knit Girllls, a $30 will get you one entry and every additional $10 will get you one additional entry. This drawing will be separate from the drawing with a $10 minimum, so you'll have more chances to win! If you've already made a donation and would like to donate more, your total donation will determine the number of entries you have.

I'm planning on doing the drawing on Aug. 28, but because of the number of donors, it may take me a little longer to get it done. I'll post updates here and in the The Knit Girllls group on Ravelry. The winners will be notified by email and their names will be posted on the blog.

And finally, I want to share one last story about the amazing work that Make a Wish does. Many of you know Sheila from the Knit 1, ♡ too podcast. Her almost 8 year old son, Zachary, has already faced a lifetime's worth of health challenges. As a newborn, he underwent open heart surgery, as a toddler he was diagnosed with liver cancer and received a liver transplant at three years old. Due to complications with that transplant he had additional surgeries immediately following the transplant and was placed on the transplant list again until the new liver healed enough to function. In July of 2004, he was granted his wish of a Castle Playground set with swings, slide, fireman's pole, climbing wall, and a draw bridge.

Since then, Zachary has been in and out of the hospital and has been to the doctors hundreds of times. In May of 2010, after a heart catheter, he was diagnosed with Hepato Pulmanary Syndrome - his body was not getting enough oxygen through it. The only cure would be another transplant. In July 2010, he was placed on the Transplant list and on October 25, he received his second liver transplant. He has been doing well, but he still faces some challenges. Despite all of his health issues, Sheila says Zachary doesn't act sick and plays in his castle almost every day. The castle has been a blessing for their entire family.

Thank you, Sheila for sharing your story. This is one of the many reasons why I'm so excited that we are making more wishes come true.

To those who have already made a donation: I am usually able to send out the patterns the day I receive your donation confirmation. If it has been longer than 24 hours since you made a donation and did not receive an email from me with the My Wish Shawl pattern attached, please forward your confirmation email to me at Lynn AT lynnzimm DOT com. If you have left me a comment on the blog regarding a missing pattern I can't respond directly back to you because of the way Blogger handles comments. I have responded in the comments. Thank you again for your donations!


Sheila said...

Lynn I wish you the best of luck this weekend. Thank you, you turned my short paragraph into an amazing story. Good luck, you are just awesome.

Lynn said...

Sheila, thank you again for sharing your story. This is the reason why we are raising money for Make A Wish. It's an incredible organization that changes lives.